Soto Starts Sewing

How to make a conservative hooker-who-happens-to-be-gay fake reporter's American quilt?

Well, Soto is certainly giving it one hell of a shot. I've read so much of this in shotgun form that I haven't seen anyone quite piece together the chronology so adeptly and so effectively. Take this:
The 2000-2002 registered domains would not seem to form a whole, but to a certain type of older gay man, “conservativeguy” would be read differently from how many of us would read it. This can be seen as Phase I-A, all in some way related to Guckert’s activities as a male escort.

The long lag time between the registration of conservativeguy in 2000 and all the variations on it in 2002 suggests to me that this handle had become valuable to him in some way. The addition of sites with the word “legal” must mean something. Something about his escort service activities was possibly becoming more organized and perhaps more lucrative. Then he jumps from plain “Jeff” to “Jeff Gannon.” Call this Phase I-B.
SO, the question that arises in my mind, is who, who exactly -- and I highly suspect that there is more than one individual -- hired "conservativeguy" and then, based on that, ahem, connection, then parted the waters for him, and more importantly, why? Love? Blackmail? Pure Sex? Based on my sole on my own personal knowledge of my very own gay community, and based soley on my personal observations of rich, conservative, and powerful gay men in my lifetime, my absolute opinion is that this guy must have been passed around like the White House Hanky.

Gannon was the dirty little secret that the conservative closet cases loved to have in the room -- a nasty trophy, at places like the WH Correspondent’s Annual Dinner. Must have been a real adrenalin for Bush's lavender mafia just having the guy so close -- but yet, so far, and oh so titillating. This is what I suppose must pass for romance in the closeted gay conservative halls of power. Of course he had to go by Jeff Gannon at this point -- all these guys knew him as Jeff Gannon. Read the rest of Hall of Mirrors Part 1 here. Right now, I'm running to read part two. This post may be updated, or I may do another. I'll be brief...


Uncle Tom's Log Cabin

Via MyDD, from this interview with Mark Crispin Miller from BuzzFlash:
BuzzFlash: Many Democrats are afraid to touch the Gannon/Guckert affair because he's gay, and they feel guilty about being critical of gays. But three of the main sites that are leading the story are run by openly gay men who find homophobe gays like Gannon/Guckert abhorrent. In fact, the Bush administration, like the Reagan administration, has many gays in senior positions including Ken Mehlman, head of the Republican National Committee. Drudge himself is gay. Some of the most rabid homophobe GOP congressmen have been outed as gay. What is this gay GOP homophobe thing all about when there is obviously a gay bunny patch going on at the highest level of the Republican Party?

Mark Crispin Miller: Those liberals who refuse to speak out on this issue just don't get it. They think they're being politically correct concerning gays, when all they're really doing is covering for the sickest homophobes. It was much the same thing with those Democrats who wouldn't make an issue of Bill Frist and his family making major profits off abortion. The Frists own a chain of hospitals that do abortions. That's astonishing hypocrisy, and ought to have been named as such, but it was not, because of Democratic shyness about saying anything that might sound anti-choice.

But the sanctity of reproductive rights was not the issue there. The issue was the insincerity and greed of those Republicans who moralize about abortion even as they make a big fat buck from it. This fact would have appalled some on the right, alienating them from Frist & Co. Other, less scrupulous rightists would have been hard-pressed to defend Frist's practices, and that would have enabled a rhetorical victory in the eyes of the majority. That's how you play to win. And it would ultimately have been much better for the policy of reproductive freedom, as it would have weakened some of the leading players in the anti-choice propaganda war.

It's much the same with this issue. The point of going after Gannon/Guckert for his day job--and outing all his rightist clients--is not an anti-gay move. Rather, it's a way to demonstrate the bad faith of the homophobes, and, still more important, the psychological impossibility of their position. To note that this whole gay-baiting movement is itself the work of closet cases is to illuminate the pathological dimension of that movement.
Read the rest. And for a real fucking kick, read Ann Coulters ridiculous defense of The White House Hooker.
Gannon didn't write about gays. No "hypocrisy" is being exposed. Liberals' hateful, frothing-at-the-mouth campaign against Gannon consists solely of their claim that he is gay.
Please. He referred to John Kerry as possibly becoming the "first gay president" and wrote countless other articles on gay issues. Let's just say he could not have been reasonably considered to be sympathetic to his own kind. Welcome to Uncle Tom's Log Cabin!



And while we're on Cagle -- the Dobson Loves Spongebob Collection.


Dean Political Cartoon Collection

If you haven't made the trip to Cagle's Political Cartoon Index lately, you should make the trip. Agree with them or not, there are strong opinions about Howard Dean as Dem Party Chair -- check out the Dean collection here.

Many of them are dismissive and negative, which I actually find rather amusing. If Bush has proven anything, it's that low expectations can be a big winner in politics. I have expectations of Dean, meaning I'll probably be dissapointed, but I think he's going to surprise his worst critics, I really do.




Get your ass there, get it there right now. "WorldNetDaily Savages Gannon, White House, Talon News/GOP USA"


Write, Write, Write -- Especially Now

Instead of re-writing it, and just in case you haven't seen it, two big Senate/House action alerts regarding investigations into JamesJeffGuckertGannonGate and they are doosies:

MyDD on Durbin's letter, Your Senator's Contact Info.

And in the house, two letters from Rep.Louise Slaughter and Rep. John Conyers, ranking Dems on Rules and Judiciary Comnmittees, with two extremely inventive takes. Much, much more: See AMERICABlog.

I've written Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and Lois Capps. I think these are worth the time, hope you do to.


"Hey hey, ho ho - Social Security has got to go!"

Check out this video of College Republicans chanting the above as Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) enters a town hall event in Philadelphia. As Chris Bowers of MyDD puts it: "I love it when the other side does your campaigning for you!" What a bunch of loons -- and thought these folks were supposedly always on message? Sheesh.



Points Brief

Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum announces for re-election. Nice pic with the walkin' sneakers, Mr. Nels! Marty's an old friend, and I can't wait to walk precincts with her, yet again. Go Marty!


Volunteer armies of jackbooted thugs are gearing up to patrol the Arizona border. Nope, not the U.S. Border patrol, but a bunch of volunteers calling themselves The Minutemen. Ahem. S.S. is more like it...as Atrios states: "I hope...[they] understand that illegal aliens are still people, and laws regarding the prohibition of murder still apply."


Bush and Co.'s full-frontal assault on the AARP has begun -- yup, this is the knife in the back they get for helping Bush with the drug benefit legislation. Who knew? The AARP's real agenda is anti-soldier and pro-gay! How charming. But the fun doesn't stop there! See here for Day 2 assault. But as Jerome puts it: "How long before the Democratic Party responds?" To be honest, it's a bit troubling. Nothing on the DNC website or the DNC blog, Kicking Ass. Soto has a plan of attack -- but is anyone listening? The AARP hasn't even responded, hoping it will die, I guess. But I know these guys, and just like the Swift Boat Liar ads they aired before, it's only a first front. Don't deceive yourselves, Democrats! Send Dean a message, and write your elected Democratic representatives.


Finally, via AMERICAblog -- a full compilation of TV coverage (courtesy of BlogPac) on White House Hooker JeffJohnGannonGuckert. Go check it out at Crooks and Liars.


Sayonara, partners. I'll see ya' when I change my briefs.


The Log Cabin on Gannon: Zero

It's interesting, you can't find one, not ONE quote from a Log Cabin Republican on GannonGate. Somebody threw down the gauntlet. I mean, they must have! Sheesh, it just seems that reporters must have asked some of them for their opinions, but nope they ain't talking. None of 'em. How's that for discipline? The closest I could find is Republican blogger Gay Patriot:
I hereby say that allowing Gannon access to the White House Press Room was stupid, sloppy and dangerous. Who knows who is responsible, or was asleep at the wheel. If all the blame lies with the Secret Service or other fail-safe measures, I'd like to know.

If in fact this was some Republican media plant in the White House, then this is very stupid and reckless and someone in the Bush White House should be held accountable.
Now, he also makes reference to the personal life of Gannon/Guckert, stating: "I agree with Jonah, this is a well-thought out position from the left that doesn't involve digging into someone's personal life and exploiting it."

You know, I'm sick of this! His photos, nude photos, were on websites! Websites he controlled! He posted them willingly! Give me a break -- my heart just bleeds for poor JohnJeff and his horrible loss of privacy! His 12-year niece or nephew could have found them! His personal life quit being personal the moment that he posted pictures on a commerical escort site -- period. End of story. It's not like we outed his vanilla dating profile at gay.com.

P.S.Wayne Mattson has some thoughts on the Blog Cabin Republican -- I just loved this bit on The Daily Show! And for all things Gannon, make sure to check out AMERICAblog.



Analysis: Dean, Dems & Data

So, 60% of Americans want the Dems to be an opposition party -- my my, good news. But from the same WSJ/NBC Hart/McInturff poll there are some other interesting and little commented on numbers:

Howard Dean vs. Alberto Gonzales

Howard Dean favorables:

Very Positive, Positive & Neutral: 56%

Alberto Gonzales favorables:

Very Positive, Positive & Neutral: 45%

Hrumph to that! And the negs....

Howard Dean negatives:

Negative & Very Negative: 27%

Alberto Gonzales negatives:

Negative & Very Negative: 16%

Dean's "don't know/not sure" is 17%, Gonzales for same is 39% -- point being, an awful lot of people know who Dean is, more than know the new Attorney General of the United States. And this, for the so-called obscure post of party boss. This could be good or bad for Dems and Dean, but this remains true: Howard Dean's favorables are 4 points higher than Gonzales, and if you add in the neutrals, it's 11 points higher -- Dean breaks 50% -- while Gonzales doesn't even have a simple majority. One reason the Gonzales negs are so low is that nearly a third of the country has no idea who the guy is. But let's move on....

Dean, Pelosi, & Reid

So, how does Dean compare to the most important Dem party leaders in Congress, in an age when the Dems are trying to make a resurgence? Yikes, folks....

Howard Dean favorables:

Very Positive, Positive & Neutral: 56%

Nancy Pelosi favorables:

Very Positive, Positive & Neutral: 32%

Harry Reid favorables:

Very Positive, Positive & Neutral: 32%

24 point spread! No wonder he makes them nervous. Now mind you, their negs are very, very low, lower than Dean's. However, guess why....

Don't Know/No Opinion for Dean, Pelosi & Reid:

Pelosi: 52%

Reid: 60%

Dean: 17%

Can you believe this? Pelosi and Reid are basically unknown by a majority of Americans. Now mind you, if -- IF -- they take center stage, this could be a positive, as most Americans have no clue who the fuck they are, and opinions of Dean are "harder" overall. Yet, Dean drawing most of the negative fire, like, say, a Lee Atwater once did, could help the Dems overall, and help Pelosi and Reid immensely if utilized correctly. The chair, at least in some recent history, is allowed to be the bad-ass SOB. And, let's face it, Newt Gingrich had negs -- sorry, no numbers, some intrepid blogger help me out? -- that must have made Dean's negs seem like peaches and cream. Pelosi could avoid being "Newtered" if she and Dean can find a way to work together effectively and structure their roles based on their mutual strengths, and yes, weaknesses. That's what you gotta do if you want a winning team.

All in all, these numbers hardly show the Dean that the DLC-types fear, and further, shows little of the supposed strength of the GOP put forward by the MSM.

GOP Very and Somewhat Positive: 44%

Dem Very and Somewhat Positive: 42%

Looks like a stastical tie, within the margin of error. GOP neutrals are at 19%, Dems are at 28% -- looks like a good opening to me. Nearly 10 point spread on neutrals is great -- folks are open to plan from the Dems, when, and if, we have one!

Dem negatives are much lower then GOP negs:

GOP Somewhat & Very Negative: 36%

Dem Somewhat & Very Negative: 29%

Wow. An amazing 7 point spread in negs!!! No wonder 60% of the country wants the Dems to be a real opposition party! From watching the news, you'd think the fucking opposite!!! The tide is turning, but the question remains...

What will the Democratic Party -- and yes, that means you, me, us -- do with this fantastic opening? Pelosi, Reid, Dean -- are you listening?


The Alien Gourmet

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