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After my Schrock post, I came across this week's Tomorrow Toon:


Shake 'Um Up

With his poll numbers dropping and the President showing signs of strength in Electoral College projections, John Kerry's campaign is scrambling to regain momentum. As the Fascists hold their convention in New York this week, rumors have been flying rampant that a shake up was imminent within the Democratic presidential campaign.

It turns out there will be no such shake up. After huddling with top staff in recent days in Nantucket, it seems Kerry plans a more aggressive campaign style in the final two months of the election cycle.

According to the Washington Post:
Despite losing ground in polls, Kerry believes he has cleared the national security hurdle with most voters and plans to focus mostly on health care and the economy leading up to Nov. 2, Lockhart said. This sets the stage for the two presidential campaigns to compete on vastly different battlegrounds: Bush, staking his reelection on his ability to lead the war on terrorism; Kerry, promising more available health care and better education in exchange for higher taxes on the rich.
Ouch! I hate to say it, but if that is the case - if that is the campaign strategy that the Kerry team insists on using - Kerry will lose this election. Plain and simple.

The number one issue on Election Day, trumping everything else by a mile, will be the war on terrorism and the fiasco that has become the war in Iraq. Despite what voters tell pollsters about the economy and health care and jobs, voters will take their ballots and head into their voting booths with memories of that horrible September morning of three years ago.

To cede this issue to George W. Bush would be absolutely foolish; it is where the incumbent is most vulnerable.

On Iraq, Mr. Bush has sent 1,000 Americans to their deaths on the wings of lie. The planning and conduct of this war showcase the incompetence of the neo-cons and the irresponsibility of a commander-in-chief who fails to admit bad decisions and then refuses to correct them.

On the war against terrorism, the President has completely dropped the ball. Engaging al Qaeda and the terrorist network - the cowards who attacked us - should have been this administration's number 1 task. Instead, Osama bin Laden and his minions have been given a free ride by this President. It is treason at its worst and impeachment articles should have been filed - and the President removed from office - long ago.

Earlier this year I argued that this campaign was going to focus on terrorism, foreign policy, and homeland security. I wanted the Democrats to use the debates to focus on issues. John Kerry has the ability to fight this war and I trust him to restore our place as the shining beacon of democracy, that beacon having taken a beating under the Bush team. Bush's missteps and lies have left him very little credibility from which to govern.

As such, Sen. Kerry needs to keep the focus on the war. President Bush gave the Democratic nominee plenty to work with on Monday, telling NBC's Matt Lauer that the war couldn't be won. Any competent campaign manager would tell Kerry he needed to play "Reagan" to Bush's "Carter" at every turn using - that TV clip again and again and again.

But if the Kerry campaign puts the war issue on the back burner in favor of a campaign heavy on domestic policy, then they deserve the defeat that would come their way in November.

And with George W. Bush in the White House for another four years, the real loser of the election would be the United States of America.



Go Schrock Yourself

Ah, the smell of hypcorisy -- so beautiful as it envelopes a right-wing darling during the Greedy Ogre Party as they launch their so-called convention -- from The Hill via Kos:
The blogger who triggered yesterday's resignation of Rep. Ed Schrock (R-Va.) by spreading rumors that he is gay promised "there's more to come."

The gossip first surfaced two weeks ago on a Washington, D.C.-based Web log, or blog, Blogactive.com. The site links to an audio recording that it claims is Schrock calling into the MegaMates/Megaphone Line, a telephone service that men can use to meet other men.
After the GOP push to ban gay marriages, Blogactive.com began "outing" political aides and has since targeted lawmakers who voted for legislation on the issue. Schrock was one of 233 lawmakers who this year supported the Marriage Protection Act, which would block federal courts from considering constitutional issues arising from gay-marriage cases.

Mike Rogers, the blogger who is promising more embarrassing revelations, said an anonymous source gave him the audiotape. "[We target] people who say they are Republicans and then use sexual orientation to stay in power."
You just have to chuckle. As a wise prostitute once said when asked which convention was better, Republican or Democrat, she replied, and I paraphrase: "Hands down, Republican. They pay for sex, and lots of it. The Democrats just fuck each other."

Yup -- the great moralists. What a load of Elephant crap.

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