Octavius No More?

Despite Wayne's misgivings, Edwards was the only choice for Kerry's veep pick.

Let's face it, Gep is an uninspiring disaster who lead the Dems into perpetual minority status in Congress. I was rather troubled by reports that Kerry was poised to pick Dick, and fortunately, my troubles were for naught.

Why is Edwards the one and only? Well, he was, by and large, or so it seems to me, the #2 choice for the Dean folks, and was at the top of the list for Dean's #2 when us starry-eyed kool-aid sippers had Dem convention stars in our eyes. He will, more than any other possible choice, solidify the base.

It's worth noting that in a recent poll....
...John Edwards as the Democratic vice presidential candidate is being viewed favorably by most American voters, according a new poll, although they do see the one-term senator's limited experience in political office as a liability.

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, taken Tuesday, found that 64 percent of registered voters surveyed called the choice of Edwards excellent or pretty good, while [only] 28 percent termed it only fair or poor. Seventy percent said they were either enthusiastic or satisfied by the choice, while 19 percent described themselves as dissatisfied or angry.

By contrast, registered voters in the poll were more sure, and more divided, when asked how they felt about Vice President Dick Cheney. His favorable rating was [only] 43 percent, with 44 percent viewing him unfavorably and 13 percent unsure.

When asked about Edwards' limited experience in office -- a point Republicans are hammering home -- 55 percent said it was a weakness, while 40 percent called it a strength. However, 57 percent still said they thought Edwards was qualified to serve as president if called upon to fill the office, compared to 29 percent who said he was not.
Yes, folks, that means that Edwards, right out of the gate, is more popular with reservations than Cheney is at all -- and at that, by at least 10 and perhaps as much as 30 points! Wow.

I have not been enthusiastic about Kerry, as my lack of posts here at PW demonstrates -- Edwards was certainly the shot in the arm I needed. I will start posting again, I will walk precincts, I will amp up the adrenalin. Moore's 9/11 helped, but this was what I really needed.

Praise Edwards! Perhaps we are not doomed to four more years of Octavius Bush, and perhaps The Republic will be saved!

Ipso Facto: From Kos, an NBC poll shows that....







And so it'll be the John/John ticket for the Democrats.

Analysis and opinion from the NY Times, Nicholas Kristof, Matthew Gross, Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall, Tom Schaller, and Kevin Drum.

My take: A good choice, although not the perfect one. Once again the top tier of the party is MIA in the presidential sweepstakes. In a post 9/11 world, where the incumbent president is quite vulnerable, the pick here should have been someone with a bit more gravitas. Since John McCain opted out of the much needed "fusion" ticket, Sen. Kerry needed to pick a Democratic "heavy hitter." Edwards, at least in my eyes, isn't in that league. At least not yet.

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Sam Nunn, Bob Graham, Bob Kerrey, Jane Harman, Bill Richardson...all names Kerry should have placed higher on his list than Edwards.

But the decision has been made, and it is time to work to get John Kerry and John Edwards elected. My criticisms aside, Sen. Edwards brings a great deal to the ticket and, frankly, is about as versed in foreign policy as President Bush was at this point in 2000. The difference? Edwards would be much better at on-the-job training than Bush has been.


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