Mr. Mattson goes on vacation.

My partner and I are head up to the far reaches of Northern California for a week of camping in the Redwoods, followed by a brief stop in that wonderful city by the bay...San Francisco...for the annual Gay Pride celebration.

I return to Santa Barbara, and to Points West, on June 30th.

In the mean time I recommend the Usual Suspects for some fair, balanced, and at times unbalanced, blogosphere punditry:

Brian Fitch
Andrew Sullivan
Josh Marshall
Kevin Drum
Political Strategy
Daily Kos
The Left Coaster
Swing State Project
Matthew Gross

Stay well, everyone!



Sabato's Electoral College Road Map: June

Political crystal baller Larry Sabato has just published his latest analysis of the Electoral College map.

At this moment, says Sabato, John Kerry holds a slight lead over President Bush, 274 electoral votes to Bush's 264. Nevada, New Hampshire, and West Virginia move from the 2000 Republican column to the Democratic side.

Sabato analyses each state. Simply link to his run-down and click on each state.


A funny I saw this morning...

This fall, go on a NO CARB DIET...

C heney
A shcroft
R umsfeld
B ush



Trending by Decade

During a break in my work day, I was looking at previous presidential election results over at US Election Atlas, and found an interesting trend in winners by decade...

1900 Republican
1904 Republican
1908 Republican

1912 Democratic
1916 Democratic

1920 Republican
1924 Republican
1928 Republican

1932 Democratic
1936 Democratic

1940 Democratic
1944 Democratic
1948 Democratic

1952 Republican
1956 Republican

1960 Democratic
1964 Democratic
1968 Republican*

1972 Republican
1976 Democratic*

1980 Republican
1984 Republican
1988 Republican

1992 Democratic
1996 Democratic

2000 Republican

*With the exception of 1968 (Vietnam) and 1976 (Watergate), the trend is pretty clear. Does this mean Republican victories in 2004 and 2008?? Or, with Bush having come up short in the popular vote in 2000 AND with things spiraling out of control overseas, could 2004 be more like 1968??

Obviously I am a big ol' geek when it comes to this sort of thing. At the same time, I do not think the trend should be dismissed.

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