Fusion, Part 3

Following a strong endorsement for a Kerry/McCain unity ticket by Sen. Joe Biden (Democrat-DE) on Meet the Press yesterday, liberal hawk Mark Kleiman makes another strong argument for such a team:
"McCain on the ticket would be an unequivocal endorsement of the idea that a militarily strong United States is A Good Thing.

...A Kerry/McCain ticket almost certainly wins, and wins big. Nader picks up some votes from Kerry's left, but McCain brings over lots of votes from Bush's left. And the Nader voters will still be voting mostly for Democratic candidates for the House and Senate, as will a bunch of the Republican and Independent Kerry/McCain voters. We might take back both houses, a prospect otherwise largely imaginary.

Those seem to me like powerful reasons to give Kerry/McCain serious consideration.

...The messages would be 'National unity to face a dangerous world' and 'Healing partisan division.'

...Still, the small probability of McCain's actually becoming President seems to me a reasonable price to pay for the prospect not only of a big win, but potentially of a re-aligning election in which the grown-up, non-imperialist, non-religious-fanatic wing of the Republican party peels away and leaves Tom DeLay, Grover Norquist, and Jerry Falwell to play in their own little corner.

And that prospect ought to appeal even more to the 'Democratic wing of the Democratic Party'..."
So, come on Senators! Let's make this happen.

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