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As I said many times, I respect John Kerry and admire his courage for speaking out against the Vietnam War after his return from duty. But DAMN, I still don't hear the fire in his speaking. I'm still trying to buy the package, but it's difficult, especially after hearing this - Kerry's version of a rally speech. I can't help but think that drone is going to wear very poorly as the year drags on.

I've been rehashing the last couple of weeks in my mind and in my heart. I'm really trying to like all these guys, but I'm just not seeing America being wooed by button-down college professor types going against the perceived Texas folksiness of the spoiled brat from Connecticut.

I went with Dean because he's the first guy since Clinton '92 who pulled me into the process after years of disappointment. He has a track record, a clear vision (read it - don't depend on sound bites, you're not going to get them), and is by all accounts a good guy. My father, rest his soul, would have had a word about the fallout over Dean's Iowa speech: Horseshit. Now, don't blame me. That's my dad talking. He was a car dealership owner for decades and he could spot horseshit three towns away. Dean delivers the least amount of it. Sadly, he's caught in a nation that yearns for it.

None of the other candidates have done anything to really excite me yet. The Dean camp is shaken, stirred but not deterred. The message is still there. He needs to answer more questions about his plans and policies - he's INCREDIBLE at that. And he needs to stop answering to people who just want to talk about the horseshit (again - my dad speaking through my keyboard).

I want Bush out. That's no secret. And I want one of these guys to do it. But none of them will do it by being polite. America IS angry. Deal with it. Embrace it. And use it to get the message out.

Dean didn't just bring us to the dance. He set the stage. He's the bandleader, the band, the emcee, the caterer and the guy who came up with the theme. He pulled us in after we had all but given up on the process. He knew our frustration, our passion, our (yes) anger over what's been going on for the last three years. While the other kids in the Dem swimming class were daintily testing the waters, Dean was halfway across the lake. (Okay - I've officially overdosed on metaphors.)

The fact is, he said what had to be said, knowing full well he'd be labeled unAmerican and unpatriotic by the Rove gang. But something amazing happened - his words rang true and the labels didn't stick. It was then when the others decided it was time to adopt Dean's message - and to take some nasty shots at Dean in the process.

Chris Bowers, commenting on how the polls have followed the positive-press arc, has a sobering post at Daily Kos which draws this conclusion:

Democrats are Dittoheads who will do whatever the Political Opinion Complex tells them to do.
We're better than this. We've got to get our act together or face the consequences for another four dark depressing years.

We simply cannot afford to wait for Hillary in 2008 (as the DLC would love to see). We need more people with passion. We need them with guts. We need them as big as life - as huge as we can get them - to draw in the disappointed and the disenfranchised and the demoralized. We need more people like Dean. And we really need them now.

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Why John Kerry deserves to lose

I am ashamed.



Dean Can Win

Let us face some facts.

1). This race is not over.

2). Even if Dean loses the nod, our movement is not over.

3). If indeed Dean loses the nod, we, WE, must keep this movement alive.

4). If Kerry gets the nod, his first test of leadership is to bring us in. I predict he might fail -- but if that happens (and I think we still could win -- and will, I pray) I hope he is successful. However, I doubt his leadership. Despite his Vietnam record, this man is a whiny coward (in my view) and that concerns me -- greatly. Much.

5). If, somehow, we do not get the nod (and we may not) I beg of thee -- we must, at all costs, keep this movement alive. We ARE the...

Fiscally Responsible Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party

And yes, Kerry-Heinz, I'll consider leaving ya'll behind -- yes, an unswaying stalwart Dem like me....will do nothing more than vote for you -- you want us Dean folks to lift a finger for you? Overture, overture, again......make it good.

Overture, and sing, sing, sing. A promise or two would help.

Finally, speaking of "electability" -- Dems are having some suicidal thoughts, I guess. Dean, the Leftish Reagan Wild Card, is the ONLY one who could win (except maybe Edwards).

We must fight ever and harder and more relentlessly than ever.

Do you wanna volunteer for Kerry?

Exactly. The time is now, do what you can -- this could, be, perhaps, the only moment in our lives to Take Back America!

And, my good buddy Wayne is, well, a bit of a fool. Of course, he may predict well enough to toss me into FoolVille, haha, He may be quite accurate, and less than a fool in a day or so, but I doubt it. And, you can jettison his dimsissal -- get on it!

What can, what will, you do? As I've stated in other posts on different topics:


We can win this, if you, YOU! -- will do all YOU can do.

So, Wayne, what are you doing to help any of these guys, huh?



The Party's Over

I've seen enough presidential campaigns over the last 25 years to know that it's over. The losses in Iowa and New Hampshire; Joe Trippi's departure; news that his staffers will not be paid for at least two weeks; and now news that his campaign has chosen to forgo further advertising in the coming round of primaries. Plain and simple: Howard Dean will not be his party's nominee for president in 2004.

It doesn't help matters that the February 3rd contests offer the good doctor little chance of catching up. Dean can't count on states like South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, and North Dakota. He needed Iowa and New Hampshire in his pocket going into next week.

It's done. The party's over. Howard Dean will not be the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee.

While this may be devestating news to the young voters who were energized by Dean's candidacy, to them I say...hang in there. Remember, the real point here is to evict George W. Bush from the White House.



Kerry projected winner in New Hampshire

ABC News is projecting John Kerry the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary.

The second crucial win gives the Senator a huge boost going into the February 3rd contests. Howard Dean, it turns out, has his work cut out for him.

While the good doctor may have the funds to keep going, his organization seems to be in disarray; unable to get out the vote in these two crucial contests. He can say he's happy with tonight's second place finish, but the harsh reality is that his campaign is severely wounded.

I know that outlook probably irks some. But at this point, it's really hard to find the silver lining.

Update: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and Fox have projected Kerry the winner as well.



Points South

Well, Trammell has arrived in Los Angeles! Sorry I haven't been more communicative. Boy have a missed blogging a bunch with all the recent goings-on in Iowa and New Hampshire!!! So, just a quick note and you'll likely see a post or two from me in the next day or so.

And to all our other contributors: thanks for holding down the fort! Brian and Wayne, that means, largely, you! Cheers and say hi, - Trammell

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