When you talk to God, that is prayer. When God talks to you, that is paranoid schizophrenia.

Right wing wind bag Pat Robertson said he "believes God has told him President Bush will be re-elected in a 'blowout' in November," according to USA Today.

"The Lord has just blessed him. I mean, he could make terrible mistakes and comes out of it. It doesn't make any difference what he does, good or bad, God picks him up because he's a man of prayer and God's blessing him," Robertson said.


All-righty, then.

After we all finishing chuckling, why don't we just get the major networks to call this thing now!? What do ya say?? Why bother voting? Jesus' old man said Bush is the guy!!

Evil. Evil, I tell you.


A Criminal in the Bush Administration

Fellow blogger and Points West contributor Hoffman posts an excellent piece from Liberal Oasis regarding the Plame scandal and how Democrats should grow some cajones and call the Republican administration on this very serious scandal.

Also on this issue today, Josh Marshall nails it.
"The issue here -- from the beginning, and now to the end -- is whether the president accepts such behavior and what the standard operating procedure in the Bush White House is: Do you punish a political opponent by attacking his family if it means exposing one of the country's covert intelligence operatives and breaking the law?

That's a pretty straightforward standard. And by all the available evidence this White House considers it acceptable behavior."
Folks...this is a BIG DEAL. Someone in the White House compromised national security by "outing" Plame. In the Clinton years they would be hollering at the top of their longs for impeachment hearings; but this White House apparently thinks it is above the law.

Mr. President...don't ever speak to us about "moral clarity."


Give 'em hell...Howard?

The comparisons of Howard Dean to past presidential candidates continues. Robert Kuttner at the American Prospect compares the former Vermont governor to an actual winner, rather than McGovern or Mondale. He points out that Dr. Dean combines grassroots excitement with a brand of toughness similar to that of President Harry Truman.

Kuttner still believes that Dean has his work cut out for him should he become his party’s nominee.
"…No matter how well he does, his lack of foreign policy experience will dog Dean. Ideally, the Democratic nominee would combine Dean's excitement and nerve with the military credibility of Wesley Clark. Alas, there's no such centaur. A Dean-Clark ticket wouldn't help much, because it could well underscore the contrast between the two, at Dean's expense."
Kuttner concludes with this vital point:
"Dean has impressively reinvented the politics of the Democratic primary. He had better show how he will rewrite the rules for November, too -- or Democrats should nominate someone else."
We all remember how President Truman proved pollsters and political pundits wrong in 1948, winning a comfortable victory over Republican front-runner Thomas Dewey. If Howard Dean can parlay the primary excitement of his candidacy into the general election campaign, voters might just wake up on November 3rd and find a shocking headline: "Dean Upsets Bush."

Meanwhile, Wes Clark is working hard to make the Democratic contest a two-man race. Kos has the story here.

And finally, the campaign of John Kerry continues to struggle. He's broke and has mortgaged his house to help finance his campaign, yet his numbers are trending down. My hunch: Kerry will be forced to drop out within a day or two of the New Hampshire primary.



...to you, our cherished readers...

HAVE AN ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 2004! May the new year bring you health, happiness, and peace.



Ashcroft bows out of leak probe

The AP and the New York Times are reporting that Attorney General John Ashcroft has recused himself from an investigation into who leaked the name of a CIA operative and has appointed and turned the inquiry over to a special counsel.

While this should have been done long ago, I do give the Justice Department a little credit for naming Patrick Fitzgerald, the US Attorney in Chicago, to lead the investigation. Fitzgerald is well known for his recent investigation into corruption in the administration of former Illinois Governor George Ryan, a Republican. I suspect he will be fair and will get to the bottom of things.

As things move forward, Karl Rove's head may well be on the chopping block just as the President's re-election campaign goes into full gear.


Bush-onomic Trickery!

Paul Krugman and John Atcheson give well parsed and realistic summaries of the so-called "boom" that has many pundits predicting a cake-walk to Election Day for President Bush.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...the positive economic news is illusionary. At some point U.S. taxpayers like you and me will have to pay the piper.

Whether or not Bush is "re" -elected in November, his presidency is forever tarnished. The President has said, "I came to this office to solve problems and not pass them on to future presidents and future generations."

Man. Talk about a big, fat, presidential lie.


Crossing the Line

It seems Howard Dean is throwing down the 'defection card,' suggesting that his supporters won't vote for the eventual 2004 Democratic presidential nominee should it be anyone but himself. This boggles the mind and, frankly, causes me to take a step back and re-evaluate the good doctor from Vermont. Josh Marshall's take on the matter is frank and right on the mark.
"He's playing the defection card. And that crosses the line.

I don't doubt that it would be hard to reconcile some Dean supporters to another Democratic nominee. But that's not the point. By saying it, he's leveraging it, and encouraging it.

The price of admission to the Democratic primary race is a pledge of committed support to whomever wins the nomination, period. (The sense of entitlement to other Democrats' support comes after you win the nomination, not before.) If Dean can't sign on that dotted-line, he has no business asking for the party's nomination."
Have Dr. Dean's numerous ill-advised statements finally caught up with him? His continual 'shoot from the hip' remarks provide the Bush camp with enough fodder to slam Dean in the fall campaign. Remember folks, we're talking Karl Rove here. The White House political strategist makes Lee Attwater look like a 'kinder, gentler' campaign manager.

Dr. Dean would make an excellent president. But his path to the White House gets more difficult each time he shoots from the hip.

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If Jesus were born today..."Breaking News"

[Intro dramatic theme with 'Breaking News' banner]
[F/S chyron of yearbook photo of Mary]

[Anchor VoiceOver]

His mother says she's a virgin.......

[SOT up full - insert F/S graphic - longshot of Joseph]

[Anchor VO]

His earthly father claims the child is actually the Son of God.

[NAT SOT up full - animals talking]

[Anchor VO]

And his birth made animals SPEAK!

[SOT up full - swooshing sound with quad graphic twist]

[Anchor VO]

Tonight, we've got FULL team coverage of Christ's SHOCKING birth!!!

[MUSIC UP FULL - dramatic theme music]


The prophets predicted his arrival -- and tonight, just maybe, the Messiah is here.. Sue?

[Four screen graphic again.] (Why? Because you can...)


Yes, that's right, Tim. Jayson Smith is live in the desert with shepherds who report an "Angel" spoke to them. Tim?


John Ching is live at the palace with a livid King Herrod.


Toni Tiparelli is live at the home of a midwife who tells us just how a virgin birth happens...

But we start with Gabrielle Garcia. She is live in Bethlehem with an EXCLUSIVE interview with the innkeeper who rented a stable to the young couple.

Gabby, why wasn't there any room at the Inn.....?


Continuing our TEAM COVERAGE... Joe Smith is on SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT at the Health Department on the dangers of childbirth in a barn...

Our own Pam Paulini will talk to social workers about teenagers giving birth -- virgin or otherwise!

But first, Channel 6 meteorologist Steve Snell takes us via live doppler radar to the surface of that star shining so brightly tonight....!

SHOCKING allegations about the Wise Man in the middle. Hear what the Little Drummer Boy says happened to HIM!

AND -- do camels carry the West Nile virus? Health reporter Susan Simpson talks to a local farmer.... about keeping your family safe on this -- the holiest of nights.

MANGER DANGER! Stables are filled with filthy straw -- and much, much more. Our undercover team checks it out. Coming up at 6 NEWS AT 11, we'll take a black light to one poor infant's swaddling clothes. Parents, this is a story everyone you MUST see. Protect your children from MANGER DANGER!

Also There are several brands of Frankincense on the market, but which one gets you the most bang for your buck while still honoring the Son of God? A TV 6 News "Buy it and Try it" tonight at 6.

Plus, folks react to the birth of our Lord and Savior. We'll have Kent Brockman in a live report from the local McDonalds with what people here had to say.

Tomorrow... Mallory Deville will talk to TEAM NEWS Doctor Tim Angstrom about how virgin girls induce lactating to breast feed.

And... TEAM NEWS will show you the 26 signs that your child might be joining a new "fad" cult...

But first... Steinman's back from the Coliseum with results from tonight's chariot races...

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