Davis Top 10 Video Clip

I saw Hoffman's post below, and happened across this video clip of Davis from Letterman's website: Gray Davis' Top Ten Pieces Of Advice For Arnold. It is suprisingly very funny, thanks for the post, Hoff! NOTE: The video link seems to be broken, hopefully they will have it fixed soon, I sent a note to CBS -- I'm certain they'll hop right on that, seeing as it's from PW and all...


NOW Gray Davis Shows Life...

Friday night, the soon-to-be-former governor of Cali delivered Letterman's Top Ten - and he apparently did very well:

10. "When you realize you don't know what you're doing, give me a call."
9. "Baby oil will stain the mansion's Italian silk sofa."
8. "Listen to your constituents - except Michael Jackson."
7. (Sorry, joke No. 7 was recalled).
6. "To improve your approval rating, go on Leno; when you get kicked out, go on Letterman."
5. "Study the master - George W. Bush." (Laughs) "Ah, I'm just kidding."
4. "You could solve the deficit problem by donating your salary from 'Terminator 3.'"
3. "If things are bad, just yell, 'Save us, Superman!'"
2. "While giving a speech, never say, 'Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara ... same thing.'"
1. "It's pronounced 'California.'"



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It's becoming increasingly clear that George W. Bush will become the first president since Herbert Hoover to have a net job loss on his watch. Over 3 million jobs have disappeared since Bush took office and it would take the ultimate political miracle to turn that number around before November, 2004. Steve Neal at the Chicago Sun-Times makes a convincing argument this morning that President Bush could become the fourth sitting president voted out of office since 1976.

The Daily Mislead adds another dose of reality.



They can dish it out but they can't take it. The Republican Party spent eight years ...no wait ...they're still at it ...spent ten years engaged in name calling and smear tactics against the political opposition. Today, they whine and moan that the Democrats are unfair and unpatriotic when they criticize the Bush administration. Funny thing though - the right's "talking points" still consist of massive smear campaigns that attempt to stifle criticism by progressives.

Paul Krugman takes a candid look at the Republican double-standard in today's New York Times.

On a similar note, an irritated Bill O'Reilly cut short an interview taped Tuesday with NPR's Terry Gross. When Gross tried to quote a magazine review of his book, "Who's Looking Out for You?", O'Reilly got huffy and stopped her, accussing Gross of not interrogating Al Franken as pointedly during a recent interview. O'Reilly complained later on his Fox News Channel program that Gross was pulling a "hatchet job" on him. Well, if there's one thing O'Reilly knows, it's hatchet jobs.

Steve Gilliard's thoughts on O'Reilly's temper tantrum here. (You'll have to scroll down a bit, but it's definately worth a read.)



Judy, Judy, Judy

Didn't Judy Woodruff look great at the debate tonight? Seriously. If I were tuning in for a show about news anchors "moderating" debates I would have been really pleased. Oh, and there were nine people running for President too? I almost didn't notice that. Judy was fabulous, though.

So Kerry's flying monkeys passed a note to Judy containing some third-rate, anti-Dean op research and she made Dean respond on the spot. What's up with that. Judging by the reaction, though, it was a bad move. The comments I've read have been "cheap", "low-blow" and "she's just handed Dean New Hampshire". I guess Kerry lost his bright staff when Lehane bailed. Now they're just classless and dumb.

In the après-debate discussions on CNN (aptly renamed the Compliant News Network by commenters tonight), David Gergen had one of his occasional relevant comments. He described a student gathering in the deep south where he listened to young people describe why they suppoted Howard Dean by a wide margin. It was Dean's toughness, his "inner steel", that attracted the students. That's one of the best descriptions that I've heard for that intangible quality about Dean that lets him connect with so many people of all ages and backgrounds.

This is why it rings hollow to have Dean's defense or national security credibility questioned. No matter what direct experience he has had shaping foreign policy, this is not a guy who's going to be light touch in negotiations. In Vermont he stared down members of both parties and came out on top for twelve years. Unlike Dukakis, Mondale, Carter or even Gore to a certain extent, Dean is not a squishy liberal. He's a hard-ass bastard who gets what he wants politically and that's who we need to throw at Bush. The other campaigns know this and can't stand it.

The general thoughts were that outside of Kerry's kidney-punch, the debate probably didn't change much in the standings. Most people were watching the Yankees beat up on the Red Sox anyhow.

But wasn't Judy terriffic!


Not political money, but mother's milk is mother's milk...

From our straight-guy-dyke-friend file via Braganza check out this Dual Dynamic Duo!


the "what i wanna know" meme

When the dust settles, we may find that Governor Gangbang did not only Terminate Gray Davis -- but helped Howard Dean in his efforts to terminate George W. Bush

meme p.(meem) n. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

A few days before the recall election in California, my buddy Paul and I discussed the pros and cons of victory for Carnal Arnold. The Bad News: CA is now in play for next year's Prez race. Bush, who ignored the state totally for years, will now shower us and The West Reich with dollars and attention. Dems will be forced to spend ad money here that we could otherwise spend in key swing states.

But now, a few days after the election, what's on all the pundits minds, pens and lips was what we saw as The Good News: "Recall fever" ain't gonna happen, but a tsunami of voter protests are likely to cascade over our state's borders and across the nation, preceding major primaries and a Presidential and Congressional election year. It's everywhere. And, it sprouted organically. From Chris Matthews on Leno to e-mails from MoveOn.org to tons of bloggers and even plenty of Republican talking heads, the "what I wanna know" meme is here, and it's here to stay. With Republicans holding majorities, this is good news for Democrats. Further, and most importantly, this is great news for Howard Dean.

The Republican spin machine, desperate to play the "CA in play" meme, find themselves instead face to face with Dean's "what I wanna know" meme and it's driving them koo-koo-crazy bananas. But why can't they get traction?

Consider this: If you remove the one-liners from his movies, Arnold directly lifted all of Dean's talking points and used them to "terminate" Gray Davis. In fact, his winning tactics are the same tactics that National Republicans have decried as "negative doom and gloom" when they come from Dean's lips. Further, Dean actually has far more specifics and a much more positive vision than Arnold has demonstrated.

Sure, Bush will come out here to Cal-eee-for-neee-ah and try to get him some of that "recall shine" but it won't do him or Arnold any favors -- in fact, it will likely harm them both. While the national Republicans including Jeb Bush personally belittle Dean, Dean keeps his critiques of Bush on the administrations policies and performance. So what I wanna know is, why did it it take the media so long to finally get that Bush and Co. should be spooked and warily looking over their shoulders at this recall race?

Ironically, Arnold gave us our first, huge test of the Dean Doctrine -- and it worked. Note to Arnie: Thanks! Also posted in slightly different form at Dean Nation.



A slightly skewered look at recent news, with the occasional editorial barb from yours truly….

NEWS HEADLINE (May 2, 2003): President Bush announces that major combat in Iraq is over.
NEWS HEADLINE (October 7, 2003): Centcom: 2 Soldiers, Iraqi interpreter Killed.

Perhaps that “Top Gun” stunt aboard the USS Lincoln was a bit…um…premature. The sobering details are here.

NEWS HEADLINE: “Political Earthquake”
NEWS HEADLINE: “Davis Terminated”
NEWS HEADLINE: “Total Recall”

I wonder what the people of Iraq think of America’s brand of democracy now.

WELCOME TO THE FOLLIES: NBC’s Ashleigh Banfield, reporting from Las Vegas for NBC’s “Today” show and “NBC Nightly News” this past Sunday, repeatedly referred to the tiger performing duo of “Ziegfeld and Roy” ….not Siegfried and Roy, as we always thought they were.

IN WORLD NEWS: The BBC has come up with a new version of the game show “Russian Roulette.” 12, 000 Brits volunteered for the chance to hold a single-loaded gun to their temple and pull the trigger.

I'm taking bets on how long American reality TV picks up the option to the show.

FROM WASHINGTON: Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) will receive the 2003 George Herbert Walker Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service.

And I’m sure Mr. Bush’s son would like to have a word with the Senator when he accepts the award.

A report from the University of Maryland suggests the more you watch Fox News Channel, the more likely it is that your perceptions about the war in Iraq are wrong.

No! I don’t believe it. Not for a second I don’t!

Supermarket Tabloid Headline of the Week: “PREZ ASKS ALL AMERICANS: WEAR RED CLOWN NOSE ON OCT. 20.”


NEWS ITEM: Martha Stewart will plant garlic this weekend.

In an effort to keep the feds at arms length, I’m sure.

Dumb Crook of the Week Award: Goes to the woman in Monroe, Ohio, who used her supermarket discount card when she bought groceries with a check she had stolen.

Today’s Birthdays: “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” 69; Rona Barrett, 153.

WE’RE BACK ON KETTLE ONE WATCH: 362 days until National Vodka Appreciation Day.

AND FINALLY….Your Bush-ism of the Week: Mr. Bush on the war on terrorism: “As we hunt down the terrorists, we’re committed to spending …spreading freedom in all parts of the world, including the Middle East.”

Mmm….yes….this administration IS committed to spreading spending, isn’t it?

Thankyouverymuch and Happy National
Fluffernutter Day!



The Mourning After

The circus has left town and I have a serious case of Recall Hangover! Many, many thoughts this morning, but the one that keeps coming up again and again is this: I'm scared for the future of democracy in the United States. A Republican effort to un-do election results they couldn't stomach has succeeded, tarnishing the Constitution and setting a political precedent that will surely turn democracy on its ear. Where on earth does it end?

A round-up:

Steve Gilliard posts a passionate assessment of the recall; while James Ridgeway tries to get a handle on how the GOP will spin all this.

Billmon over at Whiskey Bar and Kos both want a recall of Governor-elect Boob-Grabber; while Dean Nation blogger Aziz Poonawalla and CalPundit Kevin Drum argue that such a move wouldn't be in the best interests of California or the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, with Davis out of the way, the right wing faction of the California Republican Party are about to launch a full frontal against progressive legislation enacted under the Davis administration. First up....a petition drive aimed at repealing the recently enacted domestic partnership law. The sponsor of the proposed proposition? A guy named Peter Knight, author of the successful 2000 ballot initiative that defines marriage as the union of a male and a female.

Finally, Howard Hoffman gets it about right. "Republicans in the White House. Republicans in the Senate. Republicans in the House. Now a Republican will run California. And starting tomorrow, California talk radio will still bitch about Clinton."

The next few months are going to be a big joke or a bad dream. (My bet is on the latter!) Brace yourselves my fellow Californians. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

UPDATE: Howard Hoffman adds his thoughts regarding a recall of Schwarzenegger.



Der Schwarzenfuhrer


GOVERNOR DAVIS RECALLED; Kalifornia to get royally gang-banged.

There'll be more to say in the hours and days ahead, but the fact that the networks were able to call this election right at 8pm is mind boggling.


The people of California have elected themselves an ass-grabbing predator to lead them and thus screwed themselves ever so royally.

Deficits? Bad energy policy?

Where do we begin circulating petitions for the 'recall' of the leader of Ah-nuld's Republican party, the man they call "Dubya?!!?"


A Recall Prayer

Please, Oh Lord, if it be your will, may I be wrong, and may Kos be right on this Great Day of Reckoning in our Golden State of California. Oh Heavenly Father, please, may Brother Gray and Brother Cruz pull rare and fancy rabbits out of their Great-Ass Asses. Oh My God, help me not to hate Sister Feinstein for being stupid, stupid, stupid if, indeed, she has screwed us all. And Oh Great Maker, take the Groped and Humiliated Ladies of this Land and draw them close to you tonight, especially if The Great and Evil Groper ascends to Sacramento's Earthly Throne. I beg of thee, my Great Father on High in Heaven and your Heavenly Hosts, raise the spirit of Adolph Hitler from the Pits of Hell to besiege and torment -- should he win -- this Governor Gangbang for all the Days of His Life in Office.

In Your High Name I pray, Peace etcetera, etcetera -- Amen.



Recall prediction:

The recall succeeds by a wide margin and Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes governor....or not.

Your guess is really as good as mine, the newspapers', the pollsters' and my Uncle Frank's. The reality is that nobody has any clue how tomorrow is going to turn out. But you can help push fate in the right direction by coming out to vote.

You have the right to cast a provisional ballot at any polling place in the county where you are registered. You can also vote at your county registrar's office at any time tomorrow. If you vote at the polling place in the precinct where you are registered, you do not have to show ID to vote. There may be long lines tomorrow so remember that as long as you are in line by the time the polls close at 8:00 you must be allowed to vote. If you notice any irregularities at the polls, you can report them by calling toll free 1-877-321-VOTE.

Remember the brave men and women in the armed forces who are in danger overseas are serving to ensure we have this precious right to vote. Please use it.

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